Hey, gang. Like I said, I’m Josh.

Right now, I’m a front-end engineer at Vox Media. They’re based out of Washington, DC, but I’m working remotely from my home in Iowa.

In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my wife and our dog, Luna. Together, we host Above the Fold Podcast, a show about marketing and comedy. You should give it a listen!

I’m also really interested in music, journalism & writing, and filmmaking/composers.

Looking for my resume? Look no further. Download my resume »

Check out my timeline below!



  • I was born

    I was just a baby at this time. And it happened in Ft. Dodge, Iowa. But my family had a house out in the country in Homer.

  • Bought a House

    Bri and I bought our first house together. It was a little sad moving out of my downtown loft (and saying goodbye to that commute), but we were excited for all of the space.

    Our New House

  • Adopted Luna, a Great Pyrenees Mix Puppy

    She. Is. Adorable.

    We think she’s going to be very big as a grown-up dog!

    Luna the Dog

  • Started working at Vox Media

    I left the agency world and began working as a front-end engineer on the Revenue Products team. The future awaits!

  • Got Married

    We tied the hitch. Or did the knot. Or whatever the kids are calling it these days!

    Wedding Dance


  • I got engaged

    Can you believe it? This woman would become engaged to be married to me.

    Marriage with Tucker

  • Started Above the Fold Podcast

    And what a podcast it was! We originally planned to do a couple every month… And now it’s maybe more like half a podcast per month. Oh well, it’s definitely fun work!

    Above the Fold Podcast


  • Started work as a producer at KCCI

    I got hired as a part-time weekend news producer at KCCI. A great, eye-opening experience about the world of journalism (and being a grown-up). Read about my experience.


  • Visited Seattle

    It was my first trip to Seattle. My cousin, Susie, has lived there for nearly a decade. She showed me some cool spots, and we some excellent Seattle food in her backyard.

    Food in Seattle

  • Became Lead Developer at Happy Medium

    For the first time, we expanded our web development team to more than one person! We continued to get larger projects (along with more team members), and I shifted into more of a managerial role.


  • Started at Iowa State University

    I came in as a freshman studying journalism and Spanish. I joined the marching band right away as a tenor saxophone.


  • Started work at Happy Medium

    I was hired as a web developer. I do front-end design and development, back-end development, CMS integration, and ongoing maintenance and training. I’m huge into mobile-first and responsive design. I also do SEO, content strategy, and email marketing.


  • Started work at the Iowa State Center

    Started a great job as the full-time online marketing specialist. I built HTML newsletters, updated print and web publications, and did an entire redesign of the website (which you can read about here).

  • Graduated from Iowa State University

    Graduated with a B.S. in Journalism and a B.A. in Hispanic Studies (Spanish). I kind of use those degrees today…sometimes.


  • Interned at KCCI

    I spent Summer 2010 with reporters and producers at KCCI, a television station in Downtown Des Moines. Really a great time. Read about my experience.


  • Studied Abroad in Valencia, Spain

    I went over there for a few months. Also visited Rome one weekend. Excellent experience with excellent people.


  • Graduated Webster City High School

    We were the Webster City Lynx. I played football, did a lot of band stuff, and was heavily involved in the TV production class, WCTV.


  • My nephew was born

    Liam Larson

    Isn’t he just the cutest? Seriously.